An honoree for Best of Year 2011 by Interior Design

Best of Year Honoree Award ELAP Arquitectos Ingenieros’s project
Kindergarten in Velez-Rubio
 on being an honoree for
Best of Year 2011 Awards by Interior Design!

Best of Year honoree honor:
–On December 1, over 900 people from the design community (designers and manufacturers) gathered at the visually stunning IAC Building, NYC, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, to celebrate the best projects and products of 2011.
–The theater was standing room only, as the winners were announced live by hosts Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief, and Mark Strauss, President and Publisher.
–Best of Year Project Design honorees were selected by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen and a jury of design leaders.
–This is the 6th Annual Interior Design Best of Year Awards


Guardería de Vélez-Rubio, Almería. España
Kindergarten in Velez-Rubio, Almeria. Spain