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Design as Politics has been invited to take part in the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

Design as Politics. 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)Design as Politics has been invited to take part in the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). The work of both researchers and students within the chair will be presented in an exhibition and the publication of book #6 of the Design and Politics series, “Are We The World?” which is focused on the use of urban planning and architecture in reaching urban political goals. The Dutch Randstad, and Rotterdam, Istanbul, Sao Paolo and Detroit will be our test cases.

The city is our future
The city is our future. But only if it is designed, planned and managed better than it is at present. That’s why ‘How do we make city’ is the central question of the 5th IABR. How can urban planning and architecture be used to reach urban political goals in existing cities with their myriad problems and potentials? The 5th IABR explores future urban scenarios through exhibitions at various venues, a conference, debates and lectures, publications, and TV and radio programs. Design as Politics takes care of one of the main exhibitions.

Design as Politics research
Design as Politics, helped by the department of spatial planning at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing and TU Delft, has formulated research and design studios, focused on the relationship between design and politics related to the biennale idea of ‘Making City’, and takes a critical look at how architecture and urbanism can contribute to the urban issues faced by contemporary cities. We look specifically at the ‘export’ of Dutch planning and design to foreign cities, and at the value this is presumed to add. The results of this studios and research conducted within the chair will be displayed in an exhibition in the recently remodeled Hofbogen, the former train station Rotterdam Hofplein.

Exhibition Design as Politics
The exhibition will be both a statement for more political engagement in urbanism and architecture, and a presentation of alternative visions for the cities of Sao Paulo, Rotterdam and Istanbul that are explicitly based on political positions. These will serve as counterpoints to the ‘official’ projects shown by the Biennale at the NAi and in the testsites. The material is based on our research into Riots and Town planning, and on the results of the studio’s ‘Rotterdam – Detroit: Can Less Be More?’, ‘Istanbul – the Randstad’s Green Heart: Managing the Unmaneageble’ and ‘Sao Paulo – Randstad: Urban Region Networks

The 5th IABR has a curatorial team consisting of Henk Ovink  (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment), representatives of the City of Sao Paulo, the University of Istanbul, the office ZUS in Rotterdam and Joachim Deklerck (Berlage Institute, Rotterdam). Other partners are the IHS and the faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology.

The Design as Politics exhibitions will run for public from 20 April to 7 July 2012.

More information

Go to Design as Politics >>> http://designaspolitics.wordpress.com/rotterdam-architectuur-biennale-iabr/


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